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Employer Services

Serving the Needs of Employers in the Greater Dayton Area

Job Posting Services
OhioMeansJobs is the premier employment site for Ohio-based companies to find tools to assist you in attracting, hiring, retaining and advancing your workforce: Post jobs, search resume's, take advantage of federal, state and local employment programs and more.

OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County also offers you the opportunity to have us post your openings on OhioMeansJobs.com and take advantage of having your open positions viewed by job seekers throughout the Miami Valley, state and nation. OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County is the single point of contact for the largest group of job seekers and we can help you reduce the time and money spent on recruitment and hiring.

Searching Resumes / Staffing Analysts / Pre-Screening Services
You may search resumes directly on OhioMeansJobs.com or work with a Staffing Analyst at OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County who will follow up on your job order, work with you on improving recruiting efforts and help you navigate through all of the available services. We will help you find candidates with the skills you need to better build your business.

Assessment and Testing
Hire quality employees with our specialized pre-screening services, including drug screening, skill-based employment testing and background checks.

Private Interview Rooms
To reduce walk-in traffic at your business location, use our interview rooms for off-site screening and interviewing.

Access Wage Subsidy Program
Take advantage of wage subsidy/incentive programs and your hiring needs may translate into tax savings!!

Workforce Planning and Recruitment
OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County offers comprehensive workforce planning and recruitment services to all Greater Dayton Area Businesses - all at no cost.

Outplacement Assistance
If your business is planning a lay-off or plant closing, we can help with a variety of outplacement services for your workforce.

Mass Recruitment Capabilities
Need to fill a lot of openings quickly? We can help with large recruitments efforts at your site or OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County.

Labor Market Information
Use our Labor Market Information, such as industry trends, prevailing wage rates, occupational information and employment statistics to help your plans for expansion, re-organization and development of new business.

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